P C Shah Memorial Lecture


Will be delivered by Shri S. B. Banerjee 

on the topic

Corporate Information Management in the

Knowledge Economy

Date: 6th December (Thursday) 2018

at 6.00 PM

Venue: IASLIC Meeting Room

The programme will be chaired by

Dr. Jayati Ghosh

All are invited  



Last Update :

July 2, 2019


Divisions of the association

For smooth and speedy functioning of the Association, different divisions are being constituted, Names of such Divisions, their fields of activities and composition are laid down by the Governing Body. In accordance with clause XI(2) of the Memorandum, Rules & Regulations of the Association, the following Divisions are prescribed:

a) Library Service Division

b) Education Division

c) Information Service Division

d) Publication Division

e) Serials Division

f) Study-Circle Division

g) Special Interest Group (SIG) Division



Conveners of seven Divisions for the Period -2017-2019
Name of the Convener
Library Service Division
Moumita Ash
Education Division
S B Banerjee
Information Service Division
Gurudas Ghosh
Publication Division
Arjun Dasgupta
Serial Division
Banasree Roy
Study Circle Division
Sudip Ranjan Hatua
SIG Division
Spatarshi Ghosh