Proceedings of 32nd All India IASLIC Conference 2019 has been published.


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Participants of the 32nd IASLIC All India Conference held at University Library, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi are entitled to get this Special Publication free of cost. They are requested to collect the same either by post (by sending packaging and posting charges Rs.150.00) or in person from IASLIC Office. If required may e-mail:
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Divisions of the association

For smooth and speedy functioning of the Association, different divisions are being constituted, Names of such Divisions, their fields of activities and composition are laid down by the Governing Body. In accordance with clause XI(2) of the Memorandum, Rules & Regulations of the Association, the following Divisions are prescribed:

a) Library Service Division

b) Education Division

c) Information Service Division

d) Publication Division

e) Serials Division

f) Study-Circle Division

g) Special Interest Group (SIG) Division


Conveners of Seven Divisions for the Period 2023 – 2025
Name of the Convener
Library Service Division
Ms Sanjukta Roy
Publication Division
Ms Moumita Ash
Education Division
Prof Arun Kumar Chakrabarty
Information Service Division
Ms Monali Mitra Paladhi
Serial Division
Dr Banasree Roy
Study Circle Division
Dr Tridib Chattopadhyay
SIG Division
Dr Joydeep Chanda