Condolence meeting of Bimalendu Guha to be held on 8th February 2018  



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Monday, February 5, 2018


Sections of the association

To cope up with the present day demand in different spheres of library services catered by different types of libraries, 5 Sections are being made. Names of such Sections, their fields of activities and composition are laid down by the Executive Committee. One Section, namely, Co-operation and Co-ordination has been made to co-ordinate with the members of four sections, mentioned below:

a) Academic Library Section

b) Public Library Section

c) Government Library Section

d) Corporate Library Section

Conveners of five Sections – 2017-2019
Name of the Convener
Co-operation & Co-ordination
Pranabananda Jana
Academic Library Section
Parikhit Mondal
Public Library Section
Jagamohan Das
Government Library Section
Jayati Ghosh
Corporate Library Section
Harendra Nath Basu